We stock over 200 types of finished moulding from gold and silver to coloured and natural woods, aluminium and veneers. We produce our own range of hand finished frames in almost limitless profile and colour combinations as well as box/display frames in various depths.

We stock 80 colours of acid free mountboard, including exta thick boards, all of which can be embellished with lines and washes if required. Our backing board and tapes are also acid free.

We stock plain and speciality glass such as ultra violet screening (to protect valued artwork from light damage), non reflective (from the traditional 'fuzzy' to the new almost invisible glass), and acrylic or plastic where extra strength is required.

Our job is not to choose a frame for you but to help you choose for yourself. ALL ARTISTS, whatever age or ability, get 15% to 25% discount on their own work.

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